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What to Consider When Choosing Between Autism Schools

By Marketing AAED / September 1, 2021

Deciding which school for autism your child goes to can be daunting. Because of the nature of ASD, it’s common for parents to feel anxious when trying to make the right decision. Every autistic kid has their own unique needs and requirements. As a parent, you’d want to make sure that your child’s unique needs…

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Learn More About Our Program

By Marketing AAED / August 20, 2021

The Autism Academy for Education and Development believes that every child is exceptional. Since 2013, we have been providing specialized education for children with autism in all stages of the K-12 program. Our focus has always been on individual attention and instruction, maintaining an exceptionally low teacher-to-student ratio to make the most out of individualized…

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Our Students’ Safety Comes First

By Marketing AAED / August 10, 2021

Our Students’ Safety Comes First Student safety has always been an essential part of a school’s climate. Creating a safe learning space for every student is essential, whether they are traditional students or those with special needs. Autistic kids have a distinct set of behaviors and qualities that require a safe and supportive learning environment.…

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About Our Online Courses

By Marketing AAED / July 20, 2021

Online Courses for Autism Education Online learning has shown significant growth in recent years, becoming a secondary option in education. Traditional schools have already incorporated online classes to support continued learning, despite recent constraints. While traditional online classes may offer support to typical students, they’re not for everyone. Those with special needs, particularly children with…

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Why Autism Academy for Education and Development

By Marketing AAED / July 10, 2021

Why the Autism Academy for Education and Development? School is an important part of every child’s development, especially those with ASD. Schools provide the building blocks for growth and equip the right skills necessary to tackle life both inside and outside the classroom. While a good number of autistic kids attend public schools, being in…

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