about-imgAutism Academy for Education and Development is the right piece of the puzzle.

At the Autism Academy, we offer customized programming specifically designed to meet individual needs. We connect your child’s education together one piece at a time, like a perfectly positioned puzzled. No other academy in the state of Arizona provides the kind of support, success, and strategic planning for students with autism.

Every puzzle piece, like every child, is unique at our school!
Autism Academy… A school where your child fits.

We specialize in providing education to all K-12 students on the Autism Spectrum. Our adaptive curriculum enables students with autism to transition in both the classroom and in life. Smaller class sizes maximize individual attention

Our standards-based, research-driven curriculum challenges and nurtures education, imagination, and creativity. Music, Art, Social Skills, Life Skills, Adaptive PE, and Technology are all incorporated into our routine schedules. Occupational and Speech-Language therapies are provided by certified, experienced therapists. Each campus has a safe sensory room for tranquility. Students also engage in group and individual activities in a secure outside play area or indoor gymnasium.
Our highly qualified teachers and staff cultivate an atmosphere of acceptance, compassion, and encouragement. We motivate students to learn and we recognize individual accomplishments.

We are a State of Arizona approved Private School with locations in Gilbert, Tempe, Phoenix, Glendale, Tucson & Online!