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Finding the right school for your child with autism can be a difficult task. Specialized schools for autism are few and far between, and finding one that is accessible, has the resources your child needs, and highly trained staff can feel impossible. Autism Academy believes that all children with autism and their families should have access to the highest quality education and developmental resources possible. Here are four things to know about Autism Academy.

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In-Person Learning

When you are looking for a school for your child with autism, the in-class experience is going to play heavily into your decision. Will your child’s needs be met or is the class size too large? How far away is the campus? Will your child ride the bus? At Autism Academy, we offer in-person learning and small class sizes for children with autism on five campuses across Arizona, ensuring your child gets the support they need and the education they deserve.

We offer online learning so your kiddo can learn wherever they’re comfortable!

Online Learning

We understand that for some families, in-person lessons might not be accessible. We want every family to have the educational resources for autism they need, no matter where they live. That’s why Autism Academy is proud to be able to offer our entire curriculum on an online platform so your child can learn from the settings they are most comfortable in.

Your child will flourish with help from The Autism Academy!

Our Mission Is To Help Students Flourish

As a parent, you are looking for a school that is not only going to educate your child but guide them and provide them with the necessary skills to thrive in life. At Autism Academy, our mission is to provide students with the support and resources needed to help them to flourish in a strong, values-based environment that’s focused on compassion.

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We’d Love to Answer Your Questions

While we’ve provided plenty of great reasons to consider your child’s future at Autism Academy, choosing a school for autism is a big decision that comes with a lot of questions that we would be happy to answer. Contact us to book a tour of our facilities, speak with some of our staff, or learn more about the programs that we offer.

For a child with autism, learning comes with its own unique set of challenges and opportunities. Your child deserves a school that is capable of meeting their individual needs. Autism Academy offers in-person and online classes, programs to support children with autism and their families, and the resources students need to develop and flourish. Contact us today!

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