School Beginnings

Placing 'Kids First' For Over A Decade

Since 2013, the Autism Academy for Education and Development (AAED) has opened six campuses in the Metro Phoenix and Tucson areas including an online campus. AAED provides academic instruction centered on individualized teaching techniques, social skills, life skills, and various therapies.

Founder of AAED, Laura Newcomb has been an educator for 25 years. Throughout her experience as a Special Education Director for autistic children, she recognized a significant need in the autism community. Laura and her late husband, Don Newcomb, developed the program at AAED based on four building blocks to address the specific needs of children with autism. Our teaching staff is equipped and trained to provide an environment for learning through the use of different and adaptable curriculums, small group instruction, structured classrooms, schedules, and a variety of specials to keep students engaged in learning. Our middle school and high school students participate in community outings, vocational/ work experience, transition programs, clubs, and student council. Students at AAED show measurable growth in academics, behavior, and socialization. They are creating friendships, obtaining jobs, building strong values, and going on to further education.

The Newcomb’s vision to provide the best programming for students with autism has given so many families hope for an exceptional education for their child.