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Autism Academy Newsletter Archive

April is World Autism Month!

At Autism Academy we celebrate our students and everything that makes them unique daily, but during the month of April, the world joins in. Special events and blue lighting appears in many places along with a lot of talk about how best to celebrate and support the autism community. This year, as Autism Academy prepares to finish our 10th year, we decided to ask some of our students about their thoughts and experiences.

Building Social & Community Skills As Adults

For children and teens, school is the center of their social world. It’s where they see their friends and build relationships outside of the family. But what do you do when school isn’t an option anymore? Young adults with autism often struggle with this very question. Some choose to find jobs. Some attend college or trade school programs. Others join specialized programs for adults with disabilities - DTA.

Help Your Child Build Meaningful Friendships

As many as 52% of people with autism spectrum disorder report having few or no friendships. This can lead to lower engagement at school and less satisfaction with their lives overall. So what can we do to help? As it turns out, there are quite a few things that can be done at home and at school to teach social skills and encourage the development of meaningful relationships.

January is often a time to try new things and make changes in your life. While making a change can seem like a simple task for some, others find it very challenging. Planning and preparing children for expected and unexpected changes to routines can help. Read on for some ideas on how to guide your child through life’s changes.

Holidays can be fun, but they also usually mean schedule changes. Parties and special events are full of sights, sounds, and even smells that can be overwhelming. Read on for some tips and best practices to help your family have a low stress season.

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It's the start of the holiday season! Learn about some trick-or-treat tips for individuals with autism. Also check out some of the fun craft/snack ideas for a spooktacular Halloween!

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