Our Mission


To assist every student with autism to be equipped and able to achieve academic, social, and behavioral excellence in an environment centered on strong character values


AAED’s purpose is to transform lives and help people reach their full potential. Our values reflect what we expect of ourselves and all of our employees:

  • Flexibility -  We are adaptable and responsive, embracing changes in projects, roles, or strategies with a positive and proactive attitude.  We are open to new ideas, feedback, and diverse perspectives that can drive innovation and improvement.
  • Teamwork - We emphasize the importance of communication, collaboration, cooperation, and mutual support among team members. We work together towards common goals, leveraging diverse skills and perspectives to achieve better outcomes. We celebrate and encourage individual and collective success.
  • Grit -  We pursue goals with passion and resilience while recognizing the importance of maintaining focus and determination in the face of challenges and setbacks. We foster a culture where persistence and hard work are celebrated as key drivers of success.
  • Loyalty -   We are committed to the mission of AAED.  Our workplace culture emphasizes trust, reliability, and mutual respect, fostering a strong sense of unity, allegiance, and dedication among team members.
  • Positivity -  We foster a supportive and motivating environment where challenges are met with enthusiasm and setbacks are viewed as opportunities for growth.  We approach tasks and challenges with a can-do attitude and focus on potential solutions rather than problems. Positive thinking, encouragement, and a solution-oriented mindset are integral to interactions and decision-making.

autismgraphic1 OUR 10-POINT PHILOSOPHY

At the Autism Academy for Education and Development, we strive to improve the lives of each student, their families, and their communities. As a school focused on children with autism, we achieve this by addressing the needs of every student academically, socially, and behaviorally.

  1. We believe every child is exceptional.
  2. We strive to improve the lives of each student, their families, and their communities.
  3. As a school solely focused on children with autism, we address the needs of every student academically, socially, and behaviorally.
  4. The character and social skills program we offer provides a solid life skills foundation.
  5. Our aim is to ensure that students have the groundwork to function as valued, productive, and successful individuals.
  6. Ultimately, we seek to empower students to fulfill their potential and contribute to their communities.
  7. As a school devoted to children with autism, we maintain the highest level of commitment to provide students with the best education possible.
  8. Our character program has key components designed to prevent bullying and teach students strategies for anti-bullying.
  9. This proven philosophical structure is the narrative that empowers students to attain their highest level of academic and social achievement.
  10. Our campuses provide the support and resources needed to allow each student to flourish in a strong values-based environment that focuses on compassion.