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AAED Student – Voices Of Autism

Today is Autism Awareness Day. As many of you know, I have autism myself, as I am on the spectrum with high-functioning Asperger’s Syndrome. I’d like to talk about autism, how it’s changed my life, and what I’ve learned about it.

Being autistic has largely made me not normal in life although I seem normal from the outside. The truth is that while I seem normal, I am actually very quirky. I lack social skills, struggle with eye contact, and can be seen as “odd” and “weird” by normal people (even though I see myself as unique). Autistic people are obsessed with certain things, and this is why I have several big obsessions (things related to sports, cars, music, etc.). A lot of people don’t understand autism and don’t understand autistic people, and I wish that could be different.

The truth with people like us is that we are unique and although we are not normal, the people that truly understand us get the value we have to society, what we can offer to the world, and appreciate us for who we are as people.


As many of you know, I transferred to an autism school in October of 2021. While I have come to love and embrace my current academic situation, I have also been able to learn A LOT about kids like me. While I knew the autism spectrum had various levels, it has been at this school that I have truly learned more about people like me. While there are kids like me that are high functioning and seem normal, others are different in their own way. Some autistic people are non-verbal altogether and struggle to communicate, and all autistic kids have speech impediments, where we can struggle to verbally communicate, and our speech isn’t perfect by any means. A lot of autistic kids stutter, and autistic kids don’t have the world’s most perfect speech. And that’s okay. Being at this school has given me a better understanding of kids with different forms of autism than I do, and now I have come to understand the various spectrums of autism.

One thing I hate is ableism, which autistic kids are frequently subjected to because we aren’t fully accepted by society. Ableism is basically the discrimination of autism, and it really hurts to be subjected to that. Autism awareness day was created to give normal people an understanding of something that makes kids like me unique. A goal I have in life is to raise autism awareness and I hope autistic kids can be fully accepted by society in my lifetime and not be labeled things like “weird” and “odd.” And I wish kids like me can stop being subjected to ableism.

Thank you all for reading my story
and more about autism!
April 2022

Pictured: (left) Serafino, (right) Mr. Howland – Teacher