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The Autism Academy For Education And Development

Since 2013, the Autism Academy for Education and Development (AAED) has opened six campuses in the Metro Phoenix and Tucson areas including our online campus. Our teaching staff is equipped and trained to provide an environment for learning through the use of different and adaptable curriculums, small group instruction, structured classrooms, schedules, and a variety of specials to keep students engaged in learning. Students collaborate, communicate, think, experiment, and reflect throughout each day. The strategies utilized by our staff are aimed at providing students with the skills and knowledge to make decisions, be successful in school, and open doors for career development.

Students at AAED show measurable growth in academics, behavior, and socialization. They are creating friendships, obtaining jobs, building strong values, and going on to further education.


Autism Academy for Education and Development is fully accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Schools Western Association of Schools and Colleges 533 Airport Blvd., Suite 200, Burlingame, CA 94010 www.acswasc.org 

WASC accreditation is an ongoing cycle whereby schools demonstrate the capacity, commitment, and competence to support high-quality student learning and ongoing school improvement. The WASC accreditation process validates the integrity of a school’s program and student transcripts.

We are also a certified K–12 private day school approved by the Arizona Department of Education to provide special education services for students with autism.


Safety-Care Certified

At Autism Academy for Education and Development, our team undergoes rigorous training in Safety-Care Behavioral Safety Techniques, a paramount program designed to proactively address behavioral challenges, implement early de-escalation strategies, and ensure the safe management of behaviors. Rooted in evidence-based practices within Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS), this curriculum equips our staff and those we serve with cutting-edge strategies. Safety-Care aligns seamlessly with our commitment to fostering a nurturing, secure, and dynamic learning environment. Moreover, it surpasses the stringent accreditation criteria set forth by reputable organizations such as CARF, JCAHO, COA, and other esteemed agencies dedicated to upholding quality care standards. Should you seek further insights into Safety-Care and its application within our academy, we encourage you to reach out for additional information.

Safety Care Certified - QBS, INC


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