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TRUNK OR TREAT – Creating Magical Moments While Fundraising

By Anthony KaDarrell Thigpen

AUTISM ACADEMY, for Education and Development – Photographer Jacquilyn Avery develops magical moments at the Autism Academy for Education and Development.

Recently, she staged her annual volunteer photography fundraiser to help the AAED parent organization, P3.

The Halloween Trunk or Treat event was a success. No Halloween tricks, horror, or frightening episodes.

Propped open decorated trunks, vehicles packed with treats, and more than 200 disguised participants masqueraded the Chandler campus parking lot. Laughter sparked throughout the festivities, as students, staff, parents and participants came together for a safe evening of fun. Families connected while children played, danced, and participated in a host of well-arranged activities.

In addition to free candy, decorated vehicles, unique costumes, face paintings, raffle prizes, competitive games, and party food, Avery helped develop memories. The professional photographer has a huge heart. She facilitates an annual Halloween fundraiser that stirs a sense of excitement for students and parents, while raising contributions for AAED. The self-motivated volunteer dedicated her time, studio, equipment and ideas to support AAED.

Proceeds from her “Halloween Minis” photo shoot are donated solely to the Autism Academy parent organization, P3.

Parents participate by signing students up for private photo sessions. This year, parents had two location options. Avery took pictures in her studio before staging a portable backdrop at the AAED Trunk or Treat event. Participants donate a minimum of $20 per family. Afterward, Jacquilyn Avery Photography creates timeless and beautiful portraits.

The event is growing annually, the portraits are awe inspiring, and proceeds enable P3 to provide continued throughout the year.

“Last year we raised $810,” Avery said. “Wahoo, I’m so excited we beat this year’s $2,000 goal by $110.00”

The final 2018 contribution is $2,110.00.

School leaders, Shawn Davis, Derrick Jamerson, and Katie Nieder hosted separate events at each campus enabling families to participate in nearby communities.  Jacquilyn Avery Photography helped transform Chandler’s event into a magical moment that will last a life time.