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NEW PRINCIPAL COMPLETES PUZZLE – Autism Academy in Position to Make Headlines in 2017

By Anthony KaDarrell Thigpen

AUTISM ACADEMY – The Autism Academy in Tempe recently welcomed a new principal that comes highly recommended with referrals, education, national experience, and countless news headlines.

Dr. Robert Rossi comes with more than high hopes, dreams, and ambitions, he has over four decades of leadership in education. His passion for educating kids and motivating teachers is highlighted in countless newspapers nationwide. Headlines like “Close the Gap,” “Hired to Make Tough Changes,” “Educational Reform,” and “Road to Rigor” highlight his career of success.

He’s been called a “mover and shaker.”

Dr. Rossi recently failed at retirement and joined the leadership team at Autism Academy. He will continue to foster the rich learning environment of the junior high and high school, while continuing to place a strong emphasis on accommodating special needs. He says he has high expectations and a great respect for the success experienced by the school’s owner, Laura Newcomb.

Dr. Rossi’s highlight reel also includes teaching college courses in School Administration, Teacher Development, and School Counseling.

He is 1 of 25 leaders in education selected as a state trainer for Breaking Ranks Leading Strategies for Reform. As an educational consultant, Dr. Rossi emphasizes conscious leadership, energy allocation, and influence works hand in hand. He says conscious leadership is important, which involves being responsible, building relationships, identifying the superstars, and much more.

“Energy allocation has to do with time, resources, and doing the work once,” he explained. “Influence is impacting the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of others.”

The Autism Academy leadership team welcomed Dr. Rossi with open arms as an important piece of the puzzle for the school administration. Students, teachers, and staff are all prepared to march in sync with Dr. Rossi to their 2017 headlines boasting, “Autism Academy Educating Exceptionally High Achievers.”

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