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Educational Programs For K-12 Students

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The Autism Academy for Education and Development believes that every child is exceptional. Since 2013, we have been providing specialized education for children with autism in all stages of the K-12 program.

Our focus has always been on individual attention and instruction, maintaining an exceptionally low teacher-to-student ratio to make the most out of individualized learning.

K-12 Designed for Children with Autism

At AAED, autistic kids are engaged with proactive, hands-on teachers who provide multi-sensory approaches to learning, using real-world experiences to make learning meaningful, fun, and engaging. We make sure that every child masters vital academic skills along with life skills that can guide them in becoming the best version of themselves.

Our instructions are presented in an atmosphere designed for learning, acceptance of others, compassion, and encouragement. Each program, from Kindergarten to High-School is fully accredited and follows all standards set by the Arizona Department of Education.

Secondary School Program

With our High School Program, AAED prepares each student for a wide range of post-secondary opportunities. With a laser focus on future independence and confidence, we help each student successfully navigate the different pathways of our program.

As one of the leading autism schools in the State of Arizona, AAED lets students utilize options from a variety of pathways by attending core classes and exploring areas of interest, such as Robotics, Coding, Theater, and Marketing.

Pathways include Academic, Vocational, Functional Vocational, and Life Skills. Each pathway provides different outcomes with its own specific courses and work-based learning requirements designed to aid each student in reaching their greatest potential for success.

Work-Based Learning Program

There’s no better way to acquire practical skills than going through real-world experiences. The majority of our High School students participate in career exploration and preparation. They participate in either community or on-campus job training. Real-life training opportunities range from administrative duties to hands-on culinary to retail.

Work-based learning lets students practice crucial skills, such as independent job performance, working in a group setting with minimal supervision, accepting directions from a supervisor, and soliciting help, all while maintaining appropriate behaviors.

Our Teaching Methodology

Teaching autistic children requires a specialized and individual approach based upon the needs and abilities of each student. Our methodology is based on the proven Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and Structured Teaching Model.

  • Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) – An evidence-based framework for addressing the needs of autistic kids within a learning environment. Our teachers utilize ABA in the classroom to reinforce appropriate behaviors by providing positive behavior support.
  • Structured Teaching Model – A teaching intervention that creates an engaging, visually structured environment to support the student’s visual processing strengths.

At the Autism Academy for Education and Development, we make sure to maximize individual attention and instruction so that students can make the most out of their education at every stage of the K-12 program. AAED ensures that your child gets the most effective individualized learning. Click HERE to enroll your child today in our Gilbert, AZ school for autism.