Offering Individualized

Educational Programs For K-12 Students

Autism Academy Vocational Work and Life Skills is featuring expert life skills teacher Leslie Dille for her incredible support in helping students with autism transition from school to work. All schools that educate children with autism need to make sure they have the life skills needed to survive after graduation. During campus involvement, Dille’s students rotate through different workstations learning various office, janitorial, and cooking skills. The students are able to gain off-campus employment experience at a local Community Garden, Not Your Typical Deli restaurant, and Tribal Crossfit gym.

Leslie Dille graduated from Arizona State University with her bachelor’s degree in Sociology. She earned her Master’s degree in Special Education from Lewis University. She committed to enhancing the lives of children with autism, currently working as a self-contained high school classroom Autism Spectrum teacher. She has developed and implemented a life skills and vocational work experience program allowing students to work in the community.