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AMAZON ADVERTISING AUTISM ACADEMY: Charity Book Sales Raising Autism Awareness

By Anthony KaDarrell Thigpen

AUTISM ACADEMY – An all new easy-to-read book publication, Pieces of Peace, will raise funds and promote autism awareness for the Autism Academy. The Autism Academy provides an education and support for children with autism.

The school’s Arizona campuses are located in the cities of Gilbert, Tempe, and Peoria.

Founder and owner Laura Newcomb has 31 years of experience in education.

In 2013, Newcomb started the Autism Academy with one location, four teachers, and 24 students.

She’s successful at hiring staff and teachers that encourage students who learn differently.

Shannon Mitchell is the Development Director, she oversees all the programming and development of Autism Academy.

Mitchell ensures that all students are treated with dignity and educated with respect.

The vision is supported by three passionate principals, Derrick Jamerson, Shawn Davis and Dr. Robert Rossi.

With three locations, 120 employees, and nearly 300 students, the school is rapidly defining a new narrative for advance children with autism.

Newcomb is an educational expert who is excellent in collaborating with diverse professionals to achieve the highest degree of success.

She solicited the support of a professional journalist to provide parents and guardians with weekly inspirational blog articles at

The site promotes student enrollment and retention.

The recent book release is comprised of 15 premiere articles that give readers detailed insight about educating students with autism.

These blog articles are now being used to raise funds to advance additional autism awareness.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) affects 1-in-68 children.

Unfortunately, autism does not get the federal funding, community support, and awareness needed with respects to the number of children diagnosed.

Newcomb is dispelling myths, destroying stereotypes, and promoting a safe place where children with autism can take pride while learning.

Pieces of Peace is scripted to offer parents a sense of serenity while navigating for educational solutions for children with autism.

Readers can expect to gain peace by piece.

Newcomb’s school is a key component to the autism puzzle in Arizona.

The new book is comprised of useful blog articles like, Understanding Different Behaviors, Autism Spectrum Screening, Recipes that Work, Paws for the Cause, and many more.

Books can be purchased at or pre-ordered at any Autism Academy Campus for $9.95.

The school is encouraging parents and partners to purchase books in bulk to share with neighbors, friends, and family to help raise awareness.

The Autism Academy’s Pieces of Peace is available online at Support autism education, by checking out Pieces Of Peace!