The Autism Academy

Every Child Is Exceptional

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Our Program

Since 2013, the Autism Academy for Education and Development (AAED) has opened three campuses in the Metro Phoenix area and one campus in the Tucson area. Our entire program is now offered online for remote learning. Our teaching staff is equipped and trained to provide an environment for learning through use of different and adaptable curriculums, small group instruction, structured classrooms, schedules and a variety of specials to keep students engaged in learning. Students collaborate, communicate, think, experiment, and reflect throughout each day. The strategies utilized by our staff are aimed at providing students with the skills and knowledge to make decisions, to be successful in school, and to open doors for career development.



  • Classrooms designed for engaged, hands-on learning
  • Calming sensory rooms
  • Playground or gym for social play and activities


  • Low student / teacher ratio
  • Differentiated individual and small group instruction
  • Research and standard-based curriculums


  • OT and Speech therapies delivered by
    certified therapists
  • Dog therapy


  • ABA Structured Teach Model Techniques
  • Positive reward systems
  • Certified BCBAs on staff


Autism Academy for Education and Development is fully accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Schools Western Association of Schools and Colleges

The Autism Academy

Autism Academy for Education and Development specializes in providing education to students with autism, Kindergarten to 12th grade. Low teaching staff to student ratios are maintained to maximize individual attention as well as address the needs of each student. At AAED, your child will learn academic content along with Music, Art, PE, Life Skills, and Technology. Students are engaged with hands-on teachers who provide a multi-sensory approach to learning and real-world experiences.  All instruction is presented in an atmosphere designed for learning, acceptance of others, compassion, and encouragement.