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MUST-SEE AUTISM SCHOOL VIDEO – Documentary Divulging Detailed AAED History

By Anthony KaDarrell Thigpen


AUTISM ACADEMY – A new 5-part documentary entitled “Kids First” highlights the heartbeat of Autism Academy for Education and Development – including the ups and downs.

The 45-minute captivating video is available on YouTube at:

The viewer-friendly documentary is separated into 5 sections; The Birth of a Vision, The Journey, Programs and Curriculum, The Challenges, and The Legacy. Nearly 15 employees blended their voices with owner Laura Newcomb. Together, they echoed passionate sentiments of how AAED aims to keep kids first in every decision.

The documentary offers parents of children with autism a strong sense of hope and critical content concerning the “Kids First” mission of AAED.

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The Autism Academy for Education and Development continues to serve as the leading school for students with autism in the state of Arizona. As the first autism-only school statewide, AAED has campuses in the West Valley, East Valley, and is set to open a new campus in Tucson in August.

“Kids First” reveals the Newcomb family’s legacy and passion for children with autism and autism education, helping to raise awareness about the kind of quality education that students with autism deserve – the kind of resources and support offered at AAED campuses.

Visit and learn how visionary Laura Newcomb is expanding quality education and resources throughout the autism community.