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About Our Online Courses

Online Courses for Autism Education

Online learning has shown significant growth in recent years, becoming a secondary option in education. Traditional schools have already incorporated online classes to support continued learning, despite recent constraints.

While traditional online classes may offer support to typical students, they’re not for everyone. Those with special needs, particularly children with autism, require specialized support when it comes to effective remote learning.

Autism Academy’s Online Courses

Students and parents can take advantage of Autism Academy for Education and Development’s virtual learning programs. From educational resources that can be accessed anytime and anywhere to virtual classes with your favorite teachers, we have everything your student needs to learn online successfully.

We’ve developed these content and courses to help our kids continue their learning when they are not able to come into our centers in Chandler, Tucson, and Gilbert. We believe that a comfortable learning environment helps in retaining information and mastering necessary skills. For many, there’s nothing more comfortable than learning at home.

Virtual Classrooms for Autistic Kids

Our experience and passion for teaching autistic children have allowed us to develop effective and engaging virtual classes to reinforce learning continuity. Subjects range from vital therapy sessions to staple classes, such as Music and P.E.

Each course and its corresponding material is designed to supplement each child’s academic, social, and behavioral competencies as if they were in a physical classroom.

Online Course Content

At Autism Academy, we are dedicated to helping every student succeed in any way we can. We have put together several resources that can be seamlessly incorporated into our virtual environments.

Resource subjects include:

  • Parent Support
  • Schedules and Routines
  • Behavior Support
  • Physical Education
  • P.A.E.S. Lab
  • Music
  • Culinary Arts
  • Art

Individualized Virtual Learning

Providing individualized learning for autistic kids has always been one of our core values. We work hard to carry over that value to virtual learning experiences. Autism Academy lets every student continue their K-12 education in the comfort of their own homes while maintaining their own custom-tailored integrated IEP into the learning environment.

With online classes becoming the norm, Autism Academy for Education and Development has worked diligently to adapt to these changed circumstances. Online learning involves everyone, not just the child. We have always worked with parents and support providers to create the best learning experiences for our kids.

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The Autism Academy is dedicated to helping children flourish in a strong, values-based environment, whether that environment is a physical classroom or a virtual one. If you have any questions about online learning, click HERE for more information. Looking to enroll your child? Get Started with us today!